Dream: Go to Cedar Point

‘Brooke’ ~ 16 year old girl


Brooke dreams about going to an amusement park and also having a spa day. She would also like to ride in a limo.


Brooke is helpful in her home and a caretaker of the younger girls in her neighborhood. She is on the honor role at her school and a positive leader for other students. Brooke lost her mother tragically, several years ago,  and does not have contact with her father. She is in a loving, stable home, however income  is very low.


A dream experience to go to Cedar Point for the first time and enjoy being a kid as well as receive the opportunity to be pampered and treated to a spa day would help Brooke experience something new and unforgetable. It would also show her that her hard work, amidst so much struggle, is recognized and valued in our community.

Code: 40-139DM